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We love quality. Our focus on quality is what seperates us from the competition. We pour our heart and soul into every piece of content we create. We love what we do and it shows!

Professional Creators from all over the world create unique video animations curated by our own experienced Visual Artists. This way they produce the greatest high-quality visuals for Events & Shows. Our Videostoxx complete is one of the most extensive video libraries for events on the market, covering a wide variety of topics & themes.  We offer almost 100% looped content under a very liberal usage license.

The Love for the Show is in the heart of each of us


VJ’s/DJ’s Backgrounds
Parties, Clubs & Festivals
Video Technicians
Bands, Artist & Performers
Event Locations/Theaters
LED & AV Rental Companies
Marketing & Media

Light Operators
Creative Professionals
Video Producers & Editors
Award, Gala & Fashion shows
Spiritual/Religion Events
Live Video mixing/Webcasting
Virtual Production


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We offer a wide variety of quality video content at a very competitive price. As a bonus, all our packages are created by visual artists with a lot of real-life experience on the floor. No matter if you are an experienced VJ or a starting DJ that wants to add some great visuals to their act without depending on someone else. With a simple VJ software and Videostoxx Complete you’ll give the perfect performance without investing thousands of dollars in your show. As a bonus we also offer custom-made logo animations.

We like to keep things simple, that’s why we offer many different thematic collections so you are always able to cover all different types of themes and topics.


We offer basic VJ software training for beginners. Check the Quickstart Tutorials in the tools section for a fast introduction into this creative profession.

Are you a DJ, light operator or video technician?

At Videostoxx we like to keep it easy and understandable for everyone and anybody. That’s why we offer a lot of different thematic videoclip collections so you can perform at a variety of shows – hip hop, EDM, rock, disco etc.  If you don’t have any experience with VJ software or mediaservers, you should look at our training pages. There you’ll find video tutorials on some of the most populair VJ programs on the market.

VIDEOCLIPS Starting at just $5

VIDEOCLIPS Starting at just $5