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On this page you find the latest news about succesfull Videostoxx content users and also interesting cases that will inspire you.

Our software training will give you some simple tricks that can make your life much easier. What will it bring to me? We show you how to prepare your content , This might be a conversion to the right video Codec, but we will also show you how to prepare a logo or how to use our imagestoxx backgrounds as a perfect videobackground.

We welcome DJ Balli Kalsi in our Videostoxx performance team. DJ Balli  is an International known DJ that does live performances in whole Europe with a big audiovisual setup.

is a multi talented Live performer. We are very proud that he decided to cooperate with Videostoxx to promote and develop new video material to ad a new visual dimension to visual performances. Thanks to his experience in the VJ market we are able to supply you with our Videostoxx Complete package that will give beginning Visual Performers a rocket start in this growing market

New Video Content Server
Soon we will announce the introduction of our own developed Video Content Server. This new server will come installed with all the necessary VJ Software and with all the content that Videostoxx produced.

Are you also a Videostoxx user and you have an interesting project that you would like to share with our other clients and visitors, please leave us a mail and we will contact you.