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There are many different video tools out there for VJs to choose from. The following tools might help you during your performances.

Videomixers are becoming very compact and affordable these days and it’s important to have one in your standard setup. Check the products of Black Magic, Atem, Roland or RGB-Link. Our favorite is the RGB Link Mini.

A Midicontroller can definitely make your life much easier. If your show has a lot of effects you don’t want to perform without one and even a $50 Korg Nano will make a difference. The most popular Midicontrollers are made by Akai.

There is a lot of free video conversion software on the market. If you have to convert to DXV3 we suggest you use Alley, which can be downloaded for free on the Resolume website. Visit our Tips & Tricks section for a short video on how to use the it.

When you add an extra laptop to a mixer for a presentation, it may need to use  a hardware convertor to be sure the video signals are compatible. This mostly occurs with Mac computers which don’t always automatically detect HDMI 1080i signals.

It is always convenient and often neccesary to have some video tools with you. If your clients ask you to project an image from their USB drive on the screen, you want to be ready.