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Where to start!

The most important question you have to ask yourself is: What do I want to do with the software? Some software is technically very advanced but not that user friendly. If you just want some cool background images with logos on the screen and do an instart once in a while or you are a DJ that wants to show a sequence of images with his logo and some background animations, then probably a simple software like Neuromixer will work for you.

Resolume is probably the most used VJ software on the market. It has two versions: Avenue and Arena. Arena is more professional and has more creative video mapping options. Avenue will, in most cases, be more than enough for a big performance. In our Quickstart Tutorials section you’ll find some free training. In only 5 minutes you’ll have a basic understanding of how the software works. Download some of our Videostoxx content and you’ll be ready to perform like a pro!

Arkaos Grand VJ is also often used. It’s easy to use and it offers a variety of video mapping options. In our Quickstart Tutorials section, you’ll find a 5 minute tutorial which will prepare you to be the star of the show. Download their demo and our Videostoxx content to be ready to perform!

VDMX isn’t very well known but is a good choice for live performances. You can design your own user interface and deliver a great show. It has a steeper learning curve compared to the other programs. Check their website for a free trial version. Visit our Quickstart Tutorials section for our 5 minute tutorial then download some of our Videostoxx content for your show!

Neuromixer is a less complex and more affordable video mixer with maximum three channels and a touch friendly userinterface for quick and fast interaction. It’s focussed on video mixing and less on effects. Check our Quickstart Tutorial in our tutorials section and then download some of our Videostoxx content so you can be ready to perform!

Most VJ software companies offer a free trial version which you can find on their website. All our tutorials are in our Quickstart Tutorials section. Remember to download your free Videostoxx content to start your journey with us!